Welcome to Holland Park Junior Cricket 2018-19
Date of Event : Tue Jul 17, 2018 9:26PM
Creating Cricketers For Life

Holland Park Junior Cricket Club   


welcomes and invites all Girls and Boys, new or existing to come and join our club. 


You can register online now at the following link :



Early Registration will avoid disappointment.

At HPJCC we aim to accommodate all playing abilities regardless of the age of our cricketers, from the very beginner aged just 5 years old, right through the school years, until the age of 17. 

At HPJCC, our Mission is to Create Cricketers for Life by making the game fun whilst engaging the children and their parents with our club, and especially the sport & the Spirit of Cricket.  As our young players mature, we’ll assist our young men and women to continue their cricket journey into adult cricket by identifying the specific needs, interests and skill of the individual player, and playing match-maker with a local adult cricket pathway opportunity. 


 We would love to have you join us here in the heart of cricket in Brisbane’s South East !

Last updated: Tuesday July 17, 2018 10:16PM